Billing Options

With convenient billing options offered by Walton Gas, you have the power to choose. Call 770.267.2505 or Email our customer service representatives for more information or to Sign Up. On top of our easy billing options, we have simple Payment Options as well.

Consolidated Billing

If you’re a Walton EMC electricity customer, we can consolidate all your energy charges on one convenient bill.

Levelized Billing

Your gas bill naturally varies between seasons due to changes in heating requirements. Levelized billing helps get rid of these peaks and valleys with a more consistent amount all year long. Because levelized billing is a rolling twelve month average, you don’t have to “settle up” at the end of the year like some budget billing plans.  (Walton Gas reserves the right to limit the availability of the levelized billing option)

Internet Billing

Instead of sending you a traditional paper bill in the mail, Walton Gas can deliver your bill over the Internet. We’ll notify you each month by email when your Internet bill is ready. Then simply Log In to view and pay your bill by bank draft, e-check, or credit card.