$218,000 Donated to Partner Charities Since 2013

Champions for Charity Logo, Football Field, Large Checks

Last season, Walton Gas through its partnership with the Dawgs®, sponsored the Georgia Proud “Kickin’ It for Charity” campaign. Donations were made to local charities with EACH Georgia field goal made.

This season, Walton Gas is donating $1,000 for EACH Georgia regular season win and $5,000 for EACH bowl win!

Greg Brooks and Savannah Chandler of Walton Gas presented donations during the University of Georgia vs. Auburn University football game in Athens. Donations were presented to Michelle Bennett and Mallory Ciotti of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for $19,000, Dan and Heather Matthews of Camp Twin Lakes for $14,000 and Captain Erik Henry (and son Nick) of The Salvation Army for $9,000.


2013–2014​  2014–2015​ 2015–2016​ 2016–2017​ 2017–2018​
$38,000 $31,000​ $57,000​ $50,000​ $42,000​​

Support your favorite “Champions for Charity” organization at waltongas.com/UGA.