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Help Walton Heat Homes and Hearts

Heat Logo with Flame

One of the nation’s first statewide fuel funds, HEAT provides energy assistance to the less fortunate as a joint effort among concerned citizens, businesses and state government. This non-profit organization depends on the generous donations of corporations, energy suppliers, and individuals, as well as the leadership of businesses and community volunteers throughout Georgia.

Photo of Jane Grinstead Older Female Red Sweater

Jane Grinstead - Senior citizen

Jane Grinstead's financial footing began to crumble after her husband passed away. Without a will in place, Jane’s home was in jeopardy and monthly bills far outweighed income.

Matters became worse when Jane was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin lymphoma. After completing several rounds of chemotherapy her health improved, but significant medical bills caused financial hardship.

Even after moving into a small apartment, Jane was unable to pay her outstanding energy bills. Fortunately, Jane learned about HEAT and received the desparately needed help.

“Thank you and I appreciate what you have done,” said Jane. “I never needed help before, but this time I did; and you came through for me.”

Photo of Marshae Wilson and Daughters Young Family of Females

Marshae Wilson - Working Mother

After being robbed at gunpoint while leaving her job as a cafeteria assistant, Marshae Wilson decided to find another job where she felt safe. She left her job and enrolled in a registered nursing program.

Marshae was fortunate to receive a school financial grant, but she was still without an income to cover her utilities and household needs. HEAT stepped in to help Marshae provide for her family.

Her new job now provides for her daughters. Her career plans include nursing or pharmaceutical work. Marshae’s story is a testament to remaining undefeated when life experiences are daunting.

Click here to donate online at www.heatga.org.