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HEAT Offers a Helping Hand to Neighbors in Need

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Have you ever watched a loved one suffer with no power to make it stop? This tough circumstance is something Rebecca Avery endures daily. Her husband Dennis was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and bone deterioration, serious ailments which left Dennis unable to work.

Rebecca was supporting the household with her job in construction until the loss of two local builders left the Averys with no income. After the heat was disconnected, and it became especially difficult for Dennis to breathe through the cold Rebecca reached out for help from HEAT.


  • HEAT is Georgia’s oldest statewide fuel fund program.
  • HEAT funds are distributed by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services through local community action agencies.
  • HEAT has distributed more than $23 million in energy assistance to nearly 100,000 households since its beginning in 1983.
  • Eighty cents out of every $1 donated goes directly to help families in need.
  • One in five Georgia households will struggle to pay their heating bills this winter. That’s 20 percent of our neighbors!

Donate online at www.heatga.org

Print mail-in form here.