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Don’t Sweat It

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Schedule Maintenance Now to Beat the Rush

When it comes to maintaining your furnace and other natural gas appliances, summer is the best time to get ready for winter. Schedule your annual natural gas appliance checkup now to beat the heating season rush.

Without regular servicing, your natural gas appliances could waste energy, resulting in higher gas bills. Putting maintenance on hold can also result in costly repairs when poorly maintained appliances malfunction. And, though it’s hard to think about while summer temperatures soar, a heating system checkup now could prevent spending cold winter nights with no heat.

More important, inspections ensure your gas connections are secure from leaks and carbon monoxide. You’ll rest better every night knowing you and your family are safe.

Contact a licensed heating and air contractor to visit your home for an inspection.

Bonus tip: You may be entitled to an early-bird discount for scheduling now.

Tech Tasks 

Arrange to have all gas appliances inspected to ensure they are in good working order and gas line connections are secure.

Ask your technician to pay particular attention to these areas:

  • Dryer – Check vent for nesting rodents and lint. Ensure proper venting to the outside.
  • Fireplace – Inspect burner, venting, pilot light, thermostat and operation of the blower.
  • Heating system – Check inside unit to ensure blower, blower belt, heat exchanger and flue system are working properly.

Call your certified heating and air contractor today to schedule your gas appliance checkup.