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Building a Home? Ask for Natural Gas.

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Making plans to build your dream home? Don’t forget to ask for natural gas, advises a local homebuilder.

Natural gas is considered standard in upscale homes in northern Georgia, said Rodney Jones, owner of Athens-based Frameworks Unlimited.

“It’s a luxury people expect, and so we always include it,” said Jones, who has been building custom homes in Georgia for more than 20 years.

  • Natural gas benefits that attract Georgia homebuyers:
  • Affordable Walton Gas offers new customers and current customers competitive pricing month after month.
  • Versatile Georgia homebuyers chiefly prefer natural gas for heating, cooking, water heating and outdoor living.
  • Reliable Because natural gas supply pipes are underground, outages are rare.
  • Energy efficiency Natural gas appliances have lower operating costs and use less energy.
  • Resale value Homes with natural gas appliances sell for 6 percent more on average.
  • Clean Eco-conscious homebuyers are attracted to natural gas, which is one of the cleanest fossil fuels.


A new construction home offers an exciting opportunity to plan for natural gas appliances. Builder Rodney Jones comments on the amenities that are the most requested by area homebuyers:

  • FURNACE – “A gas furnace can heat up a large space quickly.”
  • FIREPLACE – Whether they are found indoors or outdoors, fireplaces and fire features are a definite must-have for 2019.
  • COOKTOPS, RANGES & STOVES – “Everybody wants a gas cooktop these days.” Gas ranges last six years longer and cost 30 percent less to operate than other fuel sources, on average.
  • OUTDOOR GRILLS – “We almost always run a natural gas line out to the deck for installing a gas grill.”
  • SPA & POOL HEATERS – “Every pool I build includes natural gas heat.”
  • OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES – “Half of the screened-in porches we build include a gas fireplace.”

Make sure to choose items that are both energy efficient and good for the environment. Look for the ENERGYSTAR® label.