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Easy Grill Clean Up

HACKS aluminum foil in a hand

Planning that big Memorial Day cookout but dreading the cleanup after? You don't need a bunch of fancy equipment to rid your natural gas grill of grease and grime. Try one of these clever cleaning hacks to have a sparkling grill in no time.


After cooking, spray warm grill grates with vinegar. The acid will help break down any fatty residue left on the grates. Then, pick up a crumpled ball of foil with your tongs, and scrub away. After, lightly oil your grill grates using an oiled paper towel, and things will be clean and nonstick the next time you barbecue.


If you have a light cleanup job: Take a freshly halved onion, stick it on a fork and use the cut side to scrub residue off the still-hot grate. The oils in the onion will take care of the grit without the elbow grease.


Add a pan of water to your grill. Close the lid and let it boil away for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, grip a rag in your grill tongs and simply wipe away the steam-loosened grime.


Prevention is the best cure for grill-cleaning woes. Clean up while the grill is hot. Use a scraper or scrub brush to remove any residue, then lightly oil the grill using a paper towel. Does your natural gas grill need a thorough spring cleaning before the summer barbecue season begins? Read this month’s

Walton Gas blog at waltongas.com/blog for step-by-step cleaning instructions to get your grill looking like new.