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Total Control With a Simple Swipe

EMC Security - Total control with a simple swipe

Home Automation from EMC Security

EMC Security offers the latest in home automation and energy management solutions that provide the greatest level of convenience, security and energy savings available. These solutions can be controlled by the touch of a button on your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Easier and more cost effective than ever, smart home advancements deliver convenience at your finger tips. You now have the ability to adjust lights, locks, thermostats, surveillance footage and security system settings from anywhere, any time.


  • Thermostat Controls – Adjust the temperature while you’re away and save!
  • Lighting Controls – Never come home to a dark home.
  • Video Surveillance – Check on pets or kids any time.
  • Door Locks – Lock and unlock doors from anywhere.
  • Security System – Arm/disarm the security system and receive text notifications of events.
  • Whole House Water – Shut off the water main remotely to protect against home flooding.

Home automation from EMC Security is the perfect way to monitor and adjust your energy consumption, and make smarter energy decisions. Your security systems always knows when you leave. Connect your thermostat to your security system so it will automatically adjust the temperature while you’re away and save tons of energy.

Call 770-963-0305 or visit emcsecurity.com to discuss features and installation.