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Energy-Saving Actions for Any Budget

Energy-Savings actions for any budget

The air is cold and heating bills are high this time of year. To conserve energy during the coldest months, start with the instant/free changes while considering which investments will improve your usage the most. Take any of these energy-saving steps to cut costs all year long:


  • Turn down the thermostat.
  • Open drapes to let in sunshine and wear warm clothes indoors.
  • Move furniture to unblock heat registers.
  • Reduce the water heater temperature setting.
  • Keep fireplace dampers closed unless a fire is burning.


  • Replace furnace filters.
  • Add caulk or weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Upgrade all showerheads to low-flow models.


  • Replace old appliances with high-efficiency Energy Star models.
  • Purchase a programmable thermostat.
  • Increase ceiling insulation.
  • Seal ductwork.
  • Upgrade heating system.