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Dannie Marks, 61



An amazing woman and mother, Dannie Marks, 61, is an inspiration to many, especially her son B’Kai, 31, who suffers from dystonia, a movement disorder that causes muscles to contract uncontrollably. With a deep love for her son and help from home health nurses, Dannie provides to the best of her abilities.

Life became more difficult for the Marks family on Oct. 2, 1994, when mother and son were seriously injured a car accident. After both underwent multiple surgeries stemming from the accident, Dannie found it hard to cover her heating bills. She heard about H.E.A.T. and applied. She was given the much-needed help.

“The people who donate to H.E.A.T. are a godsend,” she said.

Despite all odds, Dannie is now enrolled at Strayer University. She is earning a master’s degree and maintaining a 3.5 GPA.

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