Come on In, the Water’s Fine

two kids swimming with goggles under water

If your outdoor living space includes an unheated pool, you may be spending more time staring out the window dreaming about swim season than actually enjoying it.

But there’s a solution for that, says a local pool builder.

Investing in a natural gas pool heater can easily extend outdoor swim season in northern Georgia, allowing comfortable swimming eight months out of the year, says Bill White, owner of Southern Splash Pools in Athens.

Using a pool heater allows north Georgia water lovers to jump in usually by late March and continue swimming well into the fall season, says White.

“A heater allows you to swim longer, and if you swim longer you can get more use and pleasure out of your pool,” he adds.

White has been installing pools and spas in northern Georgia for 20 years. In all those years, natural gas has always been king as the fuel choice for pool heaters.

“Ninety-five percent of the time it’s gas,” he said, explaining that Georgia homeowners prefer gas-fired heaters because they are the quickest, most efficient way to take the chill off of pool water.


The U.S. Department of Energy reports that gas-fired pool heaters are the most popular system for heating swimming pools across the nation. Their popularity is tied closely to cost and efficiency.

Gas-fueled heaters are up to 97 percent energy-efficient and warm the water twice as fast as non-gas options, states the American Gas Association. Natural gas heaters do the job by pumping pool water through the heater, which warms it before it is pumped back into the pool.

If you’re ready to extend your swim season by installing a pool heater, be sure to have a qualified natural gas contractor do the work, reminds Pete Ervin, a Walton Gas customer representative. Find a qualified professional at or call (800) 599-3770 for assistance.