Enjoy an Endless Summer with a Patio Heater


It’s hot now, but chilly temperatures will be here soon. Keep the outdoor party going all fall and winter by installing a natural gas heater on your patio or deck.

Is a natural gas-fueled outdoor heater right for you? Consider this:

  • Exceptionally warm. Natural gas heaters have a greater heat output than other fuel options. The average natural gas patio heater radiates heat downward to warm a 12- to 20-foot area. They are most effective when the outdoor temperatures are between 40 and 60 degrees.
  • Good for the environment. Natural gas burns clean.
  • Always ready. Because it’s connected to your Walton Gas line, your heater never runs out of fuel.
  • Easy placement. Patio heaters must be placed in a ventilated space. Wall, ceiling and post mounts, as well as portable models, are available.
  • Fits your style. Many outdoor heaters feature sleek exteriors and can blend in with outdoor décor.
  • Affordable. Prices for a 45,000 BTU heater, which will heat about 300 square feet, start at about $325. Natural gas to fuel the heater is about 50 cents/hour.

​Summer is an ideal time to get a great deal on the purchase of an outdoor natural gas heater. Look for a model that is UL approved and CSA certified.

If a Walton Gas line isn’t already available in your outdoor living space, you’ll need to hire a licensed professional to install one for you. To locate a qualified installer, contact Atlanta Gas Light at (800) 599-3770 or visit atlantagaslight.com.

Investing in an outdoor natural gas heater is an easy, affordable way to extend your backyard entertainment season into the fall and winter.