Give Your Home Exterior the Gas Light Glow

gas light glow

Unlike traditional flood lighting, natural gas lights don’t cause harsh shadows. The typical natural gas outdoor light gives off an illumination equal to a 60-watt light bulb. The soft, amber glow of a natural gas light is ideal for enhancing a front entrance, walkways, driveway, outdoor entertainment areas or landscaping. Gas lights come in a variety of styles, materials and options to fit preferences ranging from traditional to contemporary.

In addition to adding charm and character to a home or outdoor living space, the functionality of natural gas outdoor lights can’t be beat! Among the benefits:

  • Reliable. Because they operate without the assistance of electricity, gas lights continue to operate during an electrical outage – increasing the safety and security of your home.
  • Don’t attract bugs. Gas-powered lights give off an amber glow that isn’t attractive to mosquitos.
  • Low maintenance. There are no light bulbs to change. Plus, gas lights constructed of heavy cast aluminum and tempered glass will likely last for years with little to no maintenance.
  • Easy on and off. Gas lights can be turned on and off from inside your home with a standard light switch or with timers.
  • Energy efficient. Some models feature daylight-sensitive electric dimmer switches. These switches regulate the flow of natural gas during daylight hours and turn it up after dark – saving on fuel.

Natural gas outdoor lights should be installed by a qualified professional. To locate one near you, see Atlanta Gas Light’s list of recommended installers at or call (800) 599-3770.