Mama’s Boy Duo Dishes with Walton Gas

two ladies holding plate of food

Alicia Segars and Cooper Hudson became fast friends when they met in 1998. They bonded over the dream of one day owning their own restaurant.

When a building in downtown Athens became available in 2006, they took a leap of faith and opened Mama’s Boy. Thirteen years – and thousands of satisfied diners later – the area restaurant is still attracting locals and tourists alike for “Southern fun dining.”

The going wasn’t always easy, the entrepreneurs confess. There was a season of sacrifice.

“I’ve never been that broke,” said Segars. “There is an assumption that anyone who owns a business has more money than they actually do,” added Hudson.

Now, Hudson and Segars own two highly successful Mama’s Boy locations in the University of Georgia’s backyard.

Unique items like pork tacos, Georgia peach french toast and salmon cakes benedict make the Mama’s Boy dining experience special.

The self-described “quirky” eatery keeps its community ties tight by picking up menu items and decor from around town. “Walton Gas is thankful to serve hometown businesses like Mama’s Boy,” says Philip Peters, Walton Gas commercial representative. He has worked with Segars and Hudson for years.

After encountering an equipment issue that could have delayed the opening at The Falls, “Philip got me in touch with the right person quickly,” said Segars. “He was kind and informative. We can’t say that for everyone, but it is true for Walton Gas,” said Hudson.