Meet Walt

Walton Gas Walt Santa Hat Green Background

Walt is everyone’s friendly neighborhood natural gas enthusiast. Born and raised in Georgia, Walt was taught to appreciate the finer things in life—like skillet-fried chicken, a hot bubble bath and cuddling by the fire.

Since all of his favorite things require natural gas, Walt was always on the hunt for the gas company that “has it all”. He almost gave up, until one day he received refreshingly good service from Walton Gas. He knew they were a good, Georgia-based company that always had great rates. But it was their shared passion for customer service that made it clear this was a match made in heaven.


• Full name: Walt (like Cher). He loves Walton Gas so much he had his name legally changed.

• Walt is a full-time Walton Gas enthusiast. As Walt would say, “I’m always on call.”

• Walt’s favorite color is Natural Gas Blue.

• Walt had a reveal party for his first Walton Gas bill. Let’s just say, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

• Walt is also an animal lover, with a cat named Walter, a dog named Wally, and a fish named…Steve. They too love Walton Gas. Walt swears by this.