Program Your Thermostat                             to Slash Heating Costs

programmable thermostat money

Heating and cooling costs are one of the largest expenditures for the typical home. To make matters worse – and the energy bill higher – we often heat and cool our homes when it isn’t needed. Installing a programmable thermostat is an easy way for Walton Gas customers to reduce heating bills this winter. 

Programmable thermostats generally fall into two categories: “smart” connected or non-connected programmable. Both have benefits, depending on your lifestyle and budget. 

SMART Thermostat

  • Generally saves the most on heating and cooling bills.
  • Adjusts your home’s temperature by  “learning” your routines.
  • Select models turn down when you’re away, suggest energy-efficient settings and provide monthly energy reports.
  • Can be monitored, set and managed over Wi-Fi from a computer, smartphone or tablet. 
  • May use multiple sensors (sold separately) to monitor home temperatures. 
  • Prices start around $80 for a seven-day programmable thermostat with built-in Wi-Fi. 
  • Models with more features average $200 each. 
  • Professional installation may be required. 


  • Basic models start at about $20. 
  • A cost-efficient option for homeowners who tend to follow a regular schedule.
  • Adjusts temperatures automatically based on preset preferences. 

Add a programmable thermostat installation to your fall home maintenance project list. Then, enjoy the energy savings and comfort your new thermostat provides when chillier days arrive.