Up Your Grilling Game

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Turn on your natural gas grill and get those tongs ready!

July is National Grilling Month – the perfect time to invite family and friends over for a cookout. To elevate your grilling game, Walton Gas offers this handy cheat sheet.

1) RUB IT IN. When using a rub, apply it to meat an hour before cooking. Use equal parts salt, pepper, granulated garlic and grilled onion for a flavorful rub.

2) BUTTER YOUR BURGER. Avoid a dried-out hamburger by adding a pat of butter or an ice cube to the center of the ground meat patty.

3) FINISH FAST. If you’re pressed for time, pre-cook meat most of the way through by microwaving or boiling it. Put it on the grill to finish cooking.

4) ADD FLAVOR. Periodically spray 100 percent apple juice on ribs, chicken or pork to add sweet flavor.

5) PREVENT STICKING. To prevent fish from sticking on the grill, place some citrus slices directly on top of your grill and lay the fish on top of the slices.

6) RETAIN JUICES. Flipping repeatedly causes a lot of natural juices to fall off the meat. Cook one side fully before flipping the meat just once.

7) AVOID OVERCOOKING. Meat continues cooking after it’s taken off the grill, so remove it about a minute or two before it’s done to avoid a tough, overcooked cut.

8) TAKE 10. For extra flavor and moisture, let meat rest for 10 minutes under a loose foiltent before serving.