Which Bill to Pay? Elnora’s Story

HEAT logo with lady sitting in a chair

Last year, 80-year-old widow Elnora had a tough decision to make: pay for electricity or pay for her heat. 

Elnora is often forced to juggle bills, paying whichever is most urgent and delaying others until she can make ends meet. As the legal guardian for her granddaughters, she has to stretch social security checks as far as possible. Thankfully, local food pantries and other support agencies help her feed and clothe the girls. 

Elnora is not alone. Thousands of Georgians just like her are still paying on high heating bill balances from months before. The average income of households assisted by the Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT) last year was just $9,960. In Georgia, low-income families spend nearly 15 percent of their income on home heating – five times the percentage spent by the average middle-income family. 

That is why we are asking for your help. 

We know you care about helping your neighbors who have to make unthinkable choices every day just to keep their heads above water. As the oldest often 
fuel fund program in Georgia, HEAT provides energy assistance to residents of every county in the state and has distributed $26.5 million to families in need thanks to compassionate neighbors like you. Please consider making a donation today to help families like Elnora and her granddaughters. 

HEAT was able to provide Elnora the funds she needed to reconnect the heating service. “If it wasn’t for the help I received from HEAT, something else would have had to go,” said Elnora. “So much stress was lifted off me. I’m so grateful!” 

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