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Save with Walton Gas

Walton Gas can serve your natural gas needs as long as you’re on Atlanta Gas Light Company’s pipelines (in the dark blue shaded area).

*Natural gas customers in the dark blue area on the map below may be eligible for our service.

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We love our local community!

Supporting our local community is a big part of who we are!



Walton Gas is proud to donate $1,000 for every UGA regular season win and $5,000 for every bowl win! The total donation will be divided across all of our charities based on your votes. 

We’re Real People, Providing Real Service

Jim Bottone

Vice President

Phil Weatherly

Business Development Director

Tassie Kirven

Director of Consumer Services

Kim Jones

Customer Care Representative

Sirredia Huff

Senior Customer Service Representation

Ashlie Franklin

Commercial Sales Representative

Sara Beddington

Marketing Specialist

Kerie Garrett

Data Processing Supervisor

Lunnette Edens

Customer Care Supervisor

EMC Security

Our partner, EMC Security, provides security solutions to homeowners and business all across the state of Georgia.

Emergency Alert

EMC Security offers two emergency alert pendants at affordable prices.

Questions about EMC Security?

Phone: 770-963-0305 | Email: sales@emcsecurity.com

Website: www.emcsecurity.com

Serve Georgians with us

Walton Gas is dedicated to being a great neighbor by giving and volunteering.​ Explore the charities we support and learn more about the great work they do for our local community!