There is a lot of information that floats around about the sources of energy we use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some of that information is incorrect. There are some common myths associated with natural gas, so we wanted to clear those up for you right here.

Check out common myths about natural gas below:

  1. Natural gas is dangerous – This isn’t exactly true. Yes, natural gas will ignite, but only when there is a high enough concentration of natural gas AND there is an ignition source.
  2. Natural gas is bad for the environment – Natural gas is actually is the cleanest burning of all the fossil fuels.
  3. Natural gas will be gone soon – In recent years, we have uncovered even more natural gas within the United States borders. We have plenty of access to this resource domestically, and it is not something we are running out of soon.
  4. Natural gas is toxic – This is not true. Natural gas is non-toxic or non-poisonous. You don’t want natural gas to displace the air in a small space, but exposure to low levels of natural gas is not harmful to your health.

There is a lot of debate on what exactly is the best source of energy for us to use, and there probably always will be debate on that subject. However, we know that natural gas is a good resource because it is safe, clean burning, reliable, efficient and so much more. If you have questions about natural gas, come talk to us.