When the freezing temperatures of winter descend upon your home, being able to fire up the fireplace can be a blessing. Whether you’re curling up next to the fire with a good book or simply enjoying the comforting warmth of the flames, there is nothing quite like a fireplace in your own home.

But is your fireplace a natural gas burning fireplace? Natural gas fireplaces cost less to run, and are better for the environment and your home.

Not yet sold on the benefits of a natural gas fireplace? Allow us to provide you a few of the advantages that are afforded to owners of gas burning fireplaces.

  1. Logs are not required, so the supply of heat is uninterrupted.
  2. Forget about buying or chopping firewood.
  3. Without logs, there are no ashes to clean up or sparks from the fire.
  4. Save up to 25% or more on your energy bill.
  5. Turn your gas fireplace on or off with the simple flick of a switch.
  6. There are no harmful fumes or particles being released into the air.
  7. Gas fireplaces use a venting system, so chimneys are not required.
  8. Wood burning fireplaces have been banned in certain states.
  9. Installation of a natural gas fireplace is cheaper and often easier than the alternative.
  10. Best of all, natural gas fireplaces are the stylish choice! They can add value to your home and even provide a visual boost, as well.

The list of benefits goes on and on! Hopefully these will help make your decision between a gas or wood burning fireplace that much easier. A natural gas fireplace is an attractive addition to your home, and is even a safer option for children and pets.

In the midst of cold winter months, this could be just what your home needs right now!