The Atlanta Gas Light pipeline allows natural gas providers such as Walton Gas to deliver efficient and affordable natural gas to customers across Georgia and several of its bordering states. Under the operation of the natural gas wholesaler Atlanta Gas Light, the pipeline delivers reliable natural gas to customers across 243 communities across the state of Georgia, supplying more than 1.6 million homes, businesses, and industrial facilities with clean, efficient energy. 

The Atlanta Gas Light pipeline has a rich history going back over 150 years, when the Atlanta Gas Light Company began operations. Today, the pipeline is the heart of the south-east US’s largest natural gas distribution network. The pipeline has also stood at the forefront of innovation and renewal efforts, with the recent completion of a 15-year Pipeline Replacement Program; one of the first comprehensive gas pipeline replacement efforts in the nation, the program replaced nearly 3,000 miles of bare steel pipe across Georgia.

In recent years, efforts have begun to renew the pipeline infrastructure, through measures such as Georgia STRIDE, a multi-phase project which endeavors to upgrade and expand the pipeline to meet the growth of the rapidly-growing Atlanta metropolitan area. There is also the Vintage Plastic Replacement Program, which endeavors to replace nearly 800 miles of aging plastic pipe installed in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s with newer, longer-lasting, safer plastic pipes. Other efforts aim to make the pipeline more effective in delivering energy during peak hours, and to locations furthest removed from the natural supply points which fuel the pipeline.