Install outdoor security cameras to protect your home

A burglar strikes a U.S. home every 25.7 seconds, according to the latest FBI statistics. That adds up to more than two burglaries every minute or more than 3,300 per day.

Walton Gas customers can avoid becoming a burglary statistic with a simple DIY project, says Jennifer Kimble, marketing and communications manager for EMC Security.

Installing outdoor video surveillance cameras is the best way to deter a would-be thief from coming onto your property, the security expert explained.

“During surveys of convicted burglars, 60 percent said they would not break into a house where they see video cameras,” Kimble said, quoting a University of North Carolina study. “They will move on to another target where there aren’t any cameras.”

This simple fact is prompting more Georgia homeowners to install outdoor cameras to supplement their home security systems. Security cameras allow a homeowner to view their property any time from anywhere. It’s also possible to receive alerts, view activity in real time or review recorded clips from a mobile device, television or computer.

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If adding outdoor video cameras is on your summer to-do list, check out these tips Kimble offers for purchasing and installing them.

  1. Assess your needs.

Before you make a camera purchase, ask yourself these questions: Why do I want a camera? What do I want to see? What’s the layout of my property? Knowing the answers will help you select the number of cameras and the features required for the level of security you expect.

  1. Schedule a consult.

EMC Security offers free security consultations to help homeowners determine what video surveillance equipment will best suit their security goals. “As security professionals, we see things that the homeowner may not have considered,” Kimble explained.

  1. Prioritize the front door.

If you can invest in only one camera, make it a video doorbell, suggested Kimble. “Because most burglars try the front door first, installing a video doorbell or security camera here is a great way to deter them before they try to get in,” she said. In addition to being an excellent visual deterrent, a video doorbell takes the guesswork out of receiving deliveries and allows you to screen visitors.

  1. Place strategically.

“Eighty-one percent of break-ins occur on the first floor of a home,” Kimble said, so prioritize positioning outdoor cameras to focus on vulnerable spots, including:

  • Front, rear and side doors. Reports show that 22 percent of burglars enter through the back door because they know that in most homes the back door is not as secure as the front.
  • Windows. Approximately 23 percent of burglars will break into a home from a first-floor window if they can’t get in through a door. Windows at the back or side of the house are the most vulnerable.
  • Garage and driveway.

MORE: Check out this short tutorial to learn where to put your outdoor security cameras.

  1. Mount them high.

Wherever you place your cameras outside your house, try to mount them at least 10 feet above ground level. That way, they will be much harder for burglars to tamper with, disable or cover up.

Remember to keep cameras visible, too. “That’s a chief deterrent to criminals,” Kimble reminded. “You want to use those cameras like a security sign.”

Installing video surveillance cameras around your home exterior is a good way to keep tabs on your property and let the burglars know you’re watching. Don’t make the mistake of thinking burglary is something that only happens to “other people.” It could happen to you. Take action now to ensure your home is protected.