The approach of spring means that it’s time to plan for your outdoor projects. Do you have excavation plans for your yard? If you will be digging around your residence for landscaping, home renovation or any other reason, you have more to consider then the supplies you will need or the time it takes to complete the project. There are also very important precautions that you need to take first for your own safety and the safety of others.

The Georgia State Legislature actually has laws in place to help prevent electrical contact accidents; the
“Call Before You Dig” law happens to be one of them.  This law requires that prior to digging around your residence, you must contact the Utilities Protection Center at 811 (1-800-282-7411) to ask for an underground locator service.  Electrical and communication lines lie underground along with gas and water pipes. This service will mark the location of underground facilities so that your excavation may be planned in order to avoid damaging any of these lines.

If you don’t call this number before starting an excavation process, you could face serious consequences. In the worst case scenario, you could strike an underground electrical, water or gas line. This could result in serious injury, or at the very least leave you without a vital utility until the line can be repaired.  Failure to comply with the “Call Before you Dig” law can also net you a hefty fine.

When it comes to digging around you residence, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Calling 811 before you dig gets your underground utility lines marked for free and helps you avoid the cost of fines and damages associated with striking a line.

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