Add powerful pizzazz with new appliances

For too long, natural gas appliances were regarded much like sensible shoes and push mowers — practical but not terribly interesting or much fun. But times have changed.

Manufacturers are now featuring new twists on traditional appliances as well as fun modern offerings — all perfect for a room makeover in 2019. And we’re not talking about just furnaces, water heaters or cooktops. More than ever before, Walton Gas customers can choose from a wide array of natural gas appliances all perfect for adding some powerful pizzazz to your home, inside and out.

Family Room

Focus on the fireplace to improve the ambience and comfort of your family room.

  • Ventless fireplace – The year’s hottest natural gas appliance requires no flue or chimney. Additional benefits include energy efficiency and better standards of heating. Even better: It requires little maintenance and looks just like a real fireplace. What’s not to like?
  • Wall-mounted fireplace – Stunning modern design and efficient heat output are why homebuilders name this ventless fireplace the top “wow” factor in new natural gas-supplied homes. It’s lightweight and thin. Wall-mounted models are available in a variety of decorative fronts and shapes, including narrow vertical ones ideal for a small wall.
  • Gas log alternatives – Fire gazing takes on a modern look when rocks or colorful jewel-colored stones replace traditional gas logs. Manufacturers use shaped ceramics or glass to create the contemporary look. A set of ceramic stones retail for around $50, making this a low-cost way to modernize your fireplace.

Laundry Room

If your New Year’s resolution was to become more energy efficient, consider this: The average American family does almost 400 loads of laundry yearly. Drying all that laundry gobbles up about 6 percent of the average household’s utility costs. High-efficiency natural gas dryers dry your clothes quickly, so they can save up to 50 percent in dryer energy costs, estimates the Consumer Energy Center. They also fluff and freshen your washables with less wrinkling, shrinkage and static cling.


If you can’t score a ticket for Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, invite the gang over to your house. Natural gas patio appliances are big sellers here in Georgia because they allow hosts to take the party outside — even in February. In addition to firing up the gas grill for Super Sunday snacks, consider these additions:

  • Pool and spa heater – Keep water temperatures comfortable to extend your swimming season or enjoy your hot tub throughout the year. Gas pool heaters are up to 97 percent energy-efficient and warm the water twice as fast as electric heaters, according to the American Gas Association.
  • Patio heater – Durable and effective, patio heaters let you enjoy your outdoor spaces throughout the cooler seasons. They add about 10 degrees Fahrenheit to the surrounding air (12- to 20-foot diameter), so they’re best when temperatures range between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fire pit – One of the top-selling gas appliances now, fire pits bring the warmth of a cozy campfire to your home’s patio or deck to your home’s patio or deck. No worry with the mess or hazards of a traditional fire.
  • Lighting – Once a sentinel at many front walkways, gaslights have returned as a beautiful patio accessory. They provide a warm glow for your outdoor area, which is a welcomed substitute for the harsh glare of an electric porch light. Gaslights can be mounted on a post or wall or on top of a brick or stone wall. Automatic light sensors mean you won’t have to worry about wasting energy.

Whether you prefer a traditional look or something more contemporary, adding a natural gas appliance is a clean and convenient way to amp up your home’s ambience. Learn more about natural gas appliances at