The term “natural gas” makes it seem like something that should come to us naturally. However, after years of research and drilling, our modern technology is still proving that there is more of a challenge to obtain this particular resource. Not only is it quite the process, but it involves an extensive team of highly trained individuals, high-tech and advanced technology, and with all of that comes high costs of operating. With no certain evidence or proof that the gas will actually exist after the drilling begins, this process to obtain one of our most-used natural resources is essential. After reading the first paragraph, it sounds like a frustrating topic to deal with but it is absolutely necessary. The first step in drilling for this valuable fossil fuel begins with a team of exploration geologists and geophysicists. This skilled team of individuals will map out onshore and offshore drilling sites based on calculations that give off high probability of the existence of natural gas. A lot of time, effort, and costs come with this part of the process. Natural gas is a significant part of our life that contributes to how we operate on a daily basis; therefore, we find it appropriate to drill into the earth’s crust when the calculations seem favorable. Once the team shows the odds of striking natural gas are in our favor, they will proceed to develop the drilling site. In order to claim a natural gas drilling site and construct the well in which you will be drilling, there are certain legalities that need to be thought out. Securing permits, legal agreements for natural gas companies to extract and sell the resource, and designs to connect the well to the pipelines are all just a few pieces of the puzzle that need to be completed before the next steps can be taken. With all of this underway, there is still that uncertain question of whether or not the natural resource has a lingering presence in that area. Once the paper work is done and the drilling is in full force the natural gas deposits will soon be extracted for all to utilize. If the resource is in fact available for the extraction to take effect they will declare the well a productive well and the production of natural gas at this drill site will prosper. However, if they have constructed the well and drilled deep down only to find an absence of the fossil fuel the site will be deemed a dry well and it is time to move onward. With no solid way of knowing what will be found at the end of the well, the team of experts is always hopeful they will strike big. It will ensure a lot of efficient lifestyles to continue to be lived out and it will contribute to the utilization of our natural resources. When it’s all said and done, it is safe to say we are learning more about the process of natural gas drilling and becoming more efficient and making it more cost effective as the experience continue to happen.