In 1856, the Atlanta Gas Light Company was founded to install gas streetlights in Atlanta and surrounding areas. By 1881, the city was graced with over 400 of the gas lamps that enhanced safety — and provided a bit of romance.

Gas lighting has withstood the test of time here in Georgia. More than 160 years after those first lamps were installed, we’re still looking to natural gas as an attractive, durable and reliable solution for outdoor lighting. The flickering light from gas lamps casts a soft glow over local homes and landscapes in gracious historic districts as well as trendy townhome communities.

Many Georgia homeowners like the touch of Southern

elegance decorative gas lights add to a home and yard.

Many Georgia homeowners like the touch of Southern elegance decorative gas lights add to a home and yard. Just as important, reliable natural gas lights contribute to security and safety even during an electrical blackout.

Accent on ambiance

For Walton Gas customers, choosing natural gas lights is an easy way to enhance the exterior appearance of your home.

“Natural gas outdoor lights are the definition of elegance,” said Savannah Chandler, communications coordinator for Walton Gas. “Their beauty and glow create a unique ambiance that can transform a home’s outside appearance.”

Gas lighting embodies luxury, elegance, beauty and class.

Jeff Bolton, owner of Bolton Heating • Air • Fireplaces in Suwanee, agrees. “Gas lighting embodies luxury, elegance, beauty and class,” he said.

Gas lights are also more inviting, the local gas light installer emphasized.

“The organic glow of a gaslight’s flame is softer than the hard light of a bulb,” Bolton said. “This lessens the glare and unkind shade associated with other lighting options, while creating an elegant ambience that guests and passersby will find inviting.”

Safe and sensible

As reliable as they are beautiful, natural gas lights add safety to your outdoor spaces, pathways, entryways and yard.

Natural gas lighting offers the dependable security of non-shadowed illumination when the sun goes down in northern Georgia. It has a soft warm glow that can produce as much light as a 100-watt electric bulb.

A natural gas lamp remains on even if the electricity is out.

What’s more, a natural gas lamp remains on even if the electricity is out. That’s an important point here in storm-prone Georgia.

Another point in favor of gas-fueled outdoor lights is that they are cost efficient. Most systems are equipped with automatic dimmers that minimize fuel use by reducing consumption during daylight hours. It only costs about a penny an hour to operate gas lights, depending on current natural gas prices.

Glow with the flow

With the assistance of a trained professional to ensure safety and performance, gas lights and lanterns can be mounted on exterior walls, porch ceilings or lampposts. Local showrooms as well as manufacturer websites feature numerous styles and finishes. Shoppers can choose lights made from a variety of materials, too.

Shoppers must also decide whether your outdoor lights will be illuminated by gas mantle or open flame burners, according to American Gas Lamp Works. The company is a previous winner of the Atlanta Home Show’s Best New Outdoor Product Award.

Traditional gas mantles generate a bright, solid white light when heated by a gas flame. They yield a soft, romantic light and can be used in place of electric light bulbs.

Conversely, open flame gas lighting infuses outdoor settings with the warm, flickering light of an open flame that resembles a candle burning. Not as bright as gas mantles, the primary purpose of open flame burners is to provide dramatic ambiance to entrances, walkways, gardens and entertainment spaces, according to American Gas Lamp Works.

With the days growing shorter, there’s no better time for Walton Gas customers to consider adding gas-fueled lighting to your home’s exterior. Your family, guests and neighbors will all enjoy the safe, beautiful illumination they provide.