The debate between heating oil and natural gas has been waged for decades now, with impassioned arguments on both sides, each one certain that their choice is better than the other.

Often, your biggest concern is the total cost. Natural gas prices are determined at the beginning of the month, and do not change until the next. Their pricing swings appear much more stable than in comparison to heating oil costs. On the flip side, heating oil prices change twice daily, so the price could even change between your phone call and when your order is processed.

Heating oil is already considered by some experts to be a very expensive way to heat your home, so fluctuating prices is not going to inspire much confidence with homeowners.

In terms of performance, you know what you’re getting from both options. Heating oil and natural gas are both designed to keep your home warm, and both accomplish that goal. But what about convenience and reliability? Natural gas is pipelined into your home, so you’re never short on supply whenever you need it. Heating oil, on the other hand, is delivered via truck. If that truck is not able to deliver your home for whatever reason, you have no alternative.

It is difficult to declare one option as better or superior to the other without being subjective. It is important to research both and then find the alternative the best fits your own personal information. Something else to keep in mind is that there are programs available to help you cover the installation cost of a natural gas heating system.

Keeping your home warm is important. So be sure that you consider the pros and cons of both options before committing yourself to either one. The differences between the two could be significant.