Natural gas is used for so many reasons and materials that it’s difficult to gauge just how much natural gas is needed to produce everything that we need to use it for.  The question that several people wonder is how much natural gas is out there and ready to be used for our disposal? This non-renewable resource is currently plentiful; however, the problem is that it takes thousands of years to form. So, if we continually keep using the same levels of natural gas, will we always have enough since the resource takes so long to reproduce?

Natural Gas Supply

Since natural gas is currently irreplaceable, knowing our current status of natural gas is crucial.  However, there is no way to know just how much natural gas is in the ground.  With a great deal of estimation, scientists and researchers can come up with some figures that are scientifically accurate, but not spot on.  Many people believe that natural gas is running out, however, this misconception is far from the truth.  It is estimated that we still have 2,543 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in our country alone.  The southern-most part of the United States holds majority of our natural gas supply in states such as: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana.  This vast amount doesn’t even take into account undiscovered, unproved or unconventional natural gas.

Furthermore, shale gas amounts are drastically increasing which is immensely helping our natural gas supply.  We have been able to take natural gas from shale rock which has been found in over 20 states in the United States.  This resources has drastically increased our amount of natural gas.  Although there’s no way to know for sure how much is there right now, with continuing advances and studies of natural gas, the projections of our natural gas supply are only estimated to increase.  As technology evolves, finding new areas and resources that carry natural gas will be at our country’s finger tips.