Meet Ericia: A Tale of Resilience and Community Support


We want to introduce you to Ericia, a remarkable individual whose journey through life showcases the power of resilience and the impact of community support.

Growing up in foster care, Ericia learned to be resourceful and show compassion for her caregivers. She spent time in 15 homes in Georgia’s foster care system. Around the age of 10, Ericia was a foster child of a retired pastor and a retired teacher, whom she credits with providing her with the most beneficial and substantial foundation for her life.

After graduating high school and aging out of the foster care system, Ericia faced the daunting transition into adulthood with limited resources. But she never forgot those who had cared for her. When a former foster mother in declining health needed care, Ericia invited her to move in. During the packing and moving Ericia discovered her home’s natural gas service was disconnected.

“No one has ever gone above and beyond to help the way HEAT did.”


With limited income and three kids of her own, Ericia feared being without service because she could lose her housing if the utilities were off. Unsure where to turn, Ericia contacted HEAT for help. “HEAT will not judge or make clients feel overwhelmed by their circumstances,” Ericia said. She greatly appreciates HEAT and the assistance they provided her with her natural gas bill. Ericia affectionately stated, “No one has ever gone above and beyond to help the way HEAT did.” Ericia aspires to attend college and start her own business.

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    HEAT is the oldest statewide fuel fund program in Georgia.

    HEAT has distributed $31 million to nearly 120,000 families since it began in 1983.

    Eighty cents out of every $1 donated to HEAT goes directly to help families in need.

    Average income of households assisted by HEAT is approximately $10,000.