There is something iconic about curling up on your couch in front of a fire. It makes your house really feel like home. That may be why fireplaces are one of the top features new homeowners want.

A warm fire on a cold night is great, and what’s even better is a warm fire that is easy to start, needs no tending and requires no cleanup. Sounds perfect, right? All of that is possible with a gas fireplace.

There are many benefits of owning one, so if you have always wanted a fireplace, it might be something to look into. Three of the main benefits heat, convenience and flexibility are listed below.


One big reason people get fireplaces is for the heat they produce. Your furnace costs a lot to heat your house, and with a furnace, sometimes you are heating rooms you don’t need to. With a gas fireplace, you can still use your furnace, but you won’t have to use it as much so it can save you money on heating your house. If you put your gas fireplace in a family room or a living room that you are in a lot, you can make sure that room is warm for you, your family and your guests.


Another reason people get gas fireplaces is there is a great deal of convenience associated with them. Wood burning fireplaces take a great deal of time an energy to start and maintain a fire. With a gas fireplace, you simply flip a switch or push a button and the fireplace is turned on and you can keep it at the temperature you want it to be.


Gas fireplaces are also able to fit flexibly into your home. You can pick the fireplace that is best for your home. One of your options is an insert, for this you can use your existing wood fireplace and chimney and you can simply insert in a more efficient gas fireplace. If you don’t already have an existing fireplace, don’t worry, you can purchase a built-in gas fireplace that doesn’t require a chimney and it can just be placed wherever you want it to be as long as you have that natural gas connection.

With gas fireplaces there are a wide variety of styles and designs as well as sizes and even temperatures options. If you dream of being able to gather with family and friends around your own fireplace, you may want to consider a gas fireplace.