Natural gas for cars seems like a logical choice, right? I suppose it depends on how you define logic. Here at Walton EMC, we see logic in exploring natural gas because it produces more energy per carbon square molecule, while polluting less, than most hydrocarbons (i.e. gas). Any company moving on this forefront deserves some recognition. Leading the convoy since 1998 is Honda, with their Civic CNG. More recently Chevy’s Silverado 2500, their Savana, Dodge’s Ram 2500 CNG, Ford’s F-250, and the Ford Transit have stepped on the CNG pedal, but why has the more efficient route taken so long to adapt? And who is working on making natural gas the standard? So far, vehicle conversion has been difficult. An inability to compress natural gas, 3.8x the size of gasoline, is the issue. Containing it with outsized cylinders is expensive. That being said, alternatives are being explore. The Department of Energy shelled out $30 million in grants for those willing to take on the task of containing natural gas in a compact space. One idea being explored is layering sheets of metal with weld lines. By doing so you can increase your surface area which is what the compact natural gasses will grab on to. Another notion has researchers winding metal tubing and utilizing “covalent organic” metal pellets to grab natural gasses at one temperature and release them at another.  Each development is hoping to find a more efficient and affordable way to store and release natural gasses inside vehicles. Natural gas is great and all, but you may be wondering how this will directly affect your wallet. With natural gas prices at about $.86 per gasoline equivalent, and numerous state and federal tax benefits, you will be sure to see the savings in the first year of your CNG purchase. The tax benefits will come and go, but natural gas is here to stay. When you save and the habitat saves, we all win! For more information about natural gas benefits and savings for your family, check out our website and get the knowledge you need to make the switch today.