We all know the feeling. When that utility bill ends up on your desk at the end of each month, you open it with a sense of dread, wondering how much of your bottom line will come at the cost of utilities.

But it would be safe to assume that, as a smart and savvy businessperson, you’re likely keen on finding and hearing new ideas for how you can keep that utility bill low.

Here are a few tips that could help accomplish that for you and your business:

Check with your utility company about conducting an energy audit. Several companies will offer to audit your building to determine if you are using energy efficiently. This will be help identify areas where you could improve your energy use and potentially lower your bill.

Use energy efficient light bulbs. You would be amazed at how much you could save by simply upgrading to more efficient light bulbs in your office building.

Standardize more efficient practices. Ensure that whoever closes up the office at the end of the day is doing their due diligence. Turn off the printers, computers, fax machines and even the coffee makers when they are not being used overnight.

Use power strips for all personal electronics. When you use a power strip to plug in cell phone chargers, radios and other personal items, be sure that they’re plugged into a power strip that can be turned off. This will save on energy during the night, as well.

Reduce the amount of paper used in your building. Think about it. The less paper you print, the less energy your printers are required to use. Not to mention the cost of additional paper and printer supplies when their uses become excessive.

These are just a few tips that can be helpful in reducing your energy bill and improving your bottom line.