Spring cleaning is about to commence and energy saving opportunities will unveil themselves in the process. Washing windows, stowing away winter clothes and blankets and even updating home décor can be contributing factors to saving on an energy bill. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to pull the house together and get it ready for a change in seasons and a change in budget.

Acknowledging the tedious flaws that the winter reaped upon your home over the past three months can really pay off. The task of painting the shutters and trim, washing the windows and planting flowers around your foundation are a good time for homeowners to take notice of any heat-seeping cracks. These will require caulk to preserve the insulation of the structure which provides more control over comfort in temperature of the home.

Also in the early days of spring, we begin to prep our winter clothes and bedding for storage. Allowing for comfort for all who dwell in your home will help to resist the urge to crank the AC unit for some relief. Taking advantage of lighter clothing and blankets is an unexpected yet sensible way to relieve the heat of a high energy bill.

Learning how to utilize the changing daylight and nighttime temperatures will help find that comfort-zone. Updating home décor, especially drapes and shades, can help moderate the amount of direct sunlight getting in. If you’re fortunate enough to have a cooler evening, the open windows will help cool the house for the day ahead. Capturing the cold air and keeping out the warm sun is a definite way to keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature for your budget.

With a few quick fixes, there are sure ways to find relief from a soaring energy bill. It’s pleasant to know that spring cleaning comes with the perks of savings.