Save money with your thermostat

Summer has arrived! Unfortunately, it brings the question of how are you going to save energy with temperatures rising?  Saving energy doesn’t have to be a chore or something that affects the way you live. They are easy, every day ways to conserve that we simply just forget to do.  By following these tips, you will preserve energy, cut your costs and make your space easier to live in. The easiest things to do to save energy are mindless to-dos. Remember to raise your thermostat.  Just by keeping it at or above 78°, you will end up saving nearly 3% on your cooling costs. If that is too hot for you, put the thermostat up to that when you leave for work or are gone for an extended period of time. You will save you money without you even being in the house!  When you’re home with the air conditioner on, leave the curtains and shades closed.  This will keep the heat out and the air conditioner in your house longer.  It’s a win-win scenario, and simple to remember. Using cold water for things such as washing dishes and doing laundry can be key when it comes to preserving energy. While it’s something you’re less likely to think about, heating water for these kinds of activities can be costly and an ineffective waste of energy.  The other aspect that this can affect is your air conditioning. It may seem hotter in the house with appliances like dishwashers or washer and dryers running because they produce excessive amounts of heat.  While you must do laundry and wash dishes, hold off on this until evening when its cooler in order to be more cost effective. Turn your lights off!  When leaving a room, don’t waste energy and costs by leaving lights on.  Cooling your home takes nearly 50% of energy.  By leaving lights on, this is extracting light, and therefore, heat.  Your air conditioner run twice as hard by keeping unused appliances and electricity going. Energy can be saved easily. The fundamental part of it is to be mindful of things you can do on your end to keep the air indoors and keep heat out.  Lights and electricity are huge contributors to heat, along with appliances such as dishwashers and washer/dryer.  Jump on the bandwagon this summer and help cut your costs by following simple energy-saving tips!