Gas appliances free from buildup and debris operate more efficiently and use less energy. While sprucing up the rest of your home, remember these tips to keep natural gas appliances in tip-top shape:


• Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning

• Scrub with a wire brush and soapy water

• Heat grill before cooking to burn off any remaining cleaning residue


• Set temperature to 120 degrees (anything above 120 is unsafe and wastes energy)

• Apply an insulation jacket from a local hardware store

• Have a licensed professional check for efficiency and buildup


• Let it cool before cleaning

• Remove grease, dust and grime from cooking surface

• Soak grates in warm, soapy water

• For tougher buildup use a soaking solution of one cup

vinegar to one gallon water


• Clean lint filter after each load to prevent accumulation

• Only dry full loads but don’t overload machine

• Use moisture detection setting to prevent over-drying and wasting energy


• Test unit

• Replace batteries if needed

• Replace unit if more than five years old


• Change filter monthly

Hire a professional to inspect the unit