It’s wintertime and the weather is getting colder. That also means your energy bill may be increasing a bit for the next couple of months, but there are a few things you can do to keep those costs lower. Check out these tips to save a little energy and money this winter.

  1. Weatherize your windows and doors – You can use a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet on the inside of your windows to reduce the chill coming from them. For your doors, if you notice a gap or if you feel air coming in from the outside, you can get a weather strip to seal the cracks and keep out drafts.
  2. Adjust your thermostat – This is an important one. You don’t want to be heating an empty house, so make sure you turn your thermostat down when you are not home and when you are sleeping because you won’t need the house to be as warm.
  3. Add a layer before you increase the temperature – Are you relaxing at home in a t-shirt? If you are cold, put on a sweater or sweatshirt before you increase the temperature of your home. You may realize it is not that cold once you add a layer.
  4. Use LED lights for your holiday decorations – A lot of people like to put up festive lights and glowing decorations for the winter holidays because it can make your house feel warmer. This year, spend a couple extra dollars to upgrade those decorations to LED lights and you will save a lot in energy costs.
  5. Check your furnace regularly – It is important to make sure your furnace is clean and properly maintained. If it is, it will work better and more efficiently, which will save you money.
  6. Seal up leaks – You may have small leaks where you have pipes or vents going through your walls. If you simply caulk along those areas it can prevent those leaks and save you energy.
  7. Upgrade those appliances – ENERGY STAR appliances are great for using energy efficiently and saving you energy costs. This can have a more expensive initial cost, but if you are planning on upgrading your appliances anyway, check out those that use energy more efficiently.

The temperatures are dropping, so it is important to be smart about your energy use. If you follow these few tips, it can help you so your energy bill doesn’t increase too much. Have any questions about your energy bill or energy consumption? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!