Hundreds of years ago, natural gas was already known to be a very useful and important substance. It was the Chinese who first realized that natural gas could be used to heat water. This was one of the earliest uses for the chemical. Since then, natural gas has evolved into so much more over time.  It has taken on a life of its own in terms of the amount of uses it now posses. A recent study from the Energy Information Administration reviewed the most common uses for natural gas.  Today, more than 22% of the natural gas supply accounts for residential uses. This includes things like lighting, heating, cooling and cooking. More than 50% of households are now heated by using and sustaining natural gas. The largest usage of natural gas occurs in the industrial sector. Most of these uses include providing base ingredients for products like fertilizer or plastic.  Over 40% of the nation’s natural gas supply goes straight to the industry division. Just like the residential sector, industries use natural gas to heat and cool their facilities along with cooking needs.  Along with the typical uses, natural gas can surprisingly be used to manufacture numerous chemicals and products for these companies as well. The growing popularity of natural gas is the use of it in vehicles.  Everyone has probably heard of natural gas-powered cars, trucks and SUVs.  The purpose of this alternative fuel is to reduce emissions in the air that commonly pollute the air. Did you know that there are already more than 120,000 natural gas-powered vehicles on the road today?. Natural gas has what seems to be unlimited potential, unfortunately, the supply is limited.  Over the years, there have been ways to conserve the supply and divide it amongst the areas that need it most.  With the amount of uses that it possesses, the potential for more to arise is highly likely.