Natural gas isn’t something that is typically thought of in our daily lives, yet we use it more often than we might think. So what is natural gas? As a gas that has been around for hundreds of years, it has only recently found a prominent place in our everyday activities and in our economic growth. Also known as fossil fuel, natural gas is rapidly changing and new uses are being discovered constantly. There are many different forms of gas. There is gas for our cars. There is gas for our kitchen appliances. There is even gas for our grills. Natural gas is a unique gas that emits high levels of energy and very low levels of harmful toxins. Natural gas is also colorless, odorless and, most importantly, combustible. Primarily composed of methane, this fossil fuel is the purest form of dry gas. This fossil fuel was discovered hundreds of years ago by the Chinese. They used natural gas when heating their water; a technique that we still use today. Over time, the natural gas was found in the creation of street lamps and lanterns. As innovative as our technology has become, we see natural gas ranking high in demand much like the oil industry. This gas produces so much energy for us to have warm homes that are fully functional dwellings where we cook food and use electricity. Some of the oldest discoveries are creating our newest innovations. The natural gas industry is an ever-changing supply of energy that is used in a plethora of different conducts. The industry is booming with something that generates and emits vitality in a way that makes life livable. It was a concept of the future long, long ago that we have been resourceful and generous with to the point where we have tailored it to meet our needs and convenience our lives. With a blank canvas in front of us, it is no doubt that tomorrow will bring new evolution to the abilities of natural gas.