If you have been comparing the prices among natural gas providers in Georgia, you may have noticed a substantial increase in prices. Many factors out of the control of Walton Gas are responsible for the current volatile natural gas market. There’s no way to predict what prices will be in the next few months. In times like this, some natural gas marketers are taking advantage of consumer concerns about gas prices. That’s why we’re sharing this warning: buyer beware. You may see some natural gas companies offering “incentives” that could wind up costing their customers more in the long run, warns Jim Bottone, vice president of Walton Energy and external affairs.

“Don’t be fooled by promotional offers, like

‘introductory’ or ‘discounted’ rates.”

“Don’t be fooled by promotional offers, like ‘introductory’ or ‘discounted’ rates. Some providers offer a low rate for your first month then put you on a much higher rate, which will cost you in the long run,” he said. Hidden payment fees or higher monthly customer service fees often contribute to a higher bill.

Walton Gas doesn’t play that game. Customers can count on Walton Gas to be a trustworthy provider that consistently delivers the best value for their natural gas dollar, Bottone said. “We’re committed to being a trustworthy and transparent natural gas provider for all Georgians — no gimmicks ever,” he said.

Be an educated consumer

Bottone urges Walton Gas customers to be proactive, educated consumers to ensure you’re spending energy dollars wisely. A smart place to start is your latest gas bill. Do you know what all the terms and charges are on your bill? Understanding common billing terms is important when it comes to knowing the difference between a true value and a gimmick.

Walton Gas Bill

  1. AGL Account/AGL Meter: Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) delivers natural gas to homes and businesses on behalf of Walton Gas and other gas marketers in Georgia. AGL doesn’t sell gas directly to consumers, but they are responsible for gas delivery, pipeline maintenance and meter readings.
  1. DDDC: Dedicated Design Day Capacity is the amount of space reserved in the AGL pipeline for gas needed to serve your premises on the coldest day of the year. This number is based on your usage, so it is different for everyone. A DDDC recalculation is required each year and approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission to update summer and winter usage patterns for each customer for the most recent year.
  1. Thermal Factor: A therm is a unit for measuring the amount of gas you consume. Your consumption is first measured in CCFs, or hundreds of cubic feet of gas volume. AGL gives Walton Gas the thermal factor, which is used to convert your consumption in CCFs to therms.
  1. Price Per Therm: This is the price you pay per therm of gas consumed. This price will vary depending on the rate plan you choose.
  1. CCF: Your consumption (measured in hundreds of cubic feet) for the service period.
  1. Therms: The amount of gas you consumed (CCF) multiplied by the thermal factor (see 3 above).
  1. Consumption Charge: The charge for gas used during the service period. The gas charge can vary based on the quantity of gas used and the price per therm for the service period.
    • AGL Base Charge: Also known as the pass-through charge, the base charge applies to all natural gas customers on the AGL pipeline. It represents the cost of delivering natural gas to your home, pipeline maintenance and meter reading. This fee can vary month to month and customers typically see the highest charge in the winter months. To learn more about this charge, visit AGL’s website.
    • Customer Service Fee: The customer service fee is Walton Gas’ cost of servicing your account. Walton Gas offers one of the lowest among Georgia marketers. The charge varies based on a customer’s choice of rate plan.

Have more questions about your Walton Gas bill? Our customer service representatives are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call (770) 427-4328 or email info@waltongas.com.