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Home Security

Proud to be a Walton EMC company since 1998, EMC Security provided security solutions to homeowners and business all across the state of Georgia.

Using the most advanced technology, EMC Security has always strived to provide the best security systems and monitoring service, as well as additional features, such as remote system control, home automation, video monitoring, and other connected services to protect life, property, and peace of mind.  EMC Security takes great pride in their service and being able to offer “month-to-month” monitoring service, which has been one of the many company standards adhered to since its inception.

Visit www.emcsecurity.com to learn more about EMC Security’s services.

Residential Security from EMC Security

EMC Medical Alert Products
EMC Security offers two emergency alert pendants at affordable prices:

Mobile Emergency Pendant
In-home Pendant


medical alert pendent from EMC Security
Visit emcmedicalalert.com for details and purchase.

Questions About EMC Security?

To schedule your security evaluation or for questions about residential or business security solutions, contact us:

Phone: 770-963-0305
Email: sales@emcsecurity.com
Website: www.emcsecurity.com


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