Outfit your outdoor oasis with a convenience outlet

The popularity of outdoor living spaces has never been higher here in Georgia. Families are spending more time in the backyard, sparking sales of quality outdoor appliances, like natural gas-fueled grillspatio heaters and fire pits.

As new appliances arrive on decks and patios in time for cooler weather, Walton Gas consumers are being confronted with a problem: how to easily provide a steady supply of gas to multiple appliances. Installing a convenience gas outlet is the solution.

Simple and safe

The convenience gas outlet, or gas “plug,” offers an easy way to connect outdoor appliances to a natural gas supply. It looks and functions much like an electrical outlet. A built-in ring makes connecting and disconnecting quick and easy.

The convenience gas outlet offers an easy way to connect          outdoor appliances to a natural gas supply.

“Having a gas convenience outlet let’s you plug directly into your home’s natural gas supply,” said Savannah Chandler, Walton Gas communications coordinator. “You never have to worry about running out of fuel right in the middle of a nice evening. And you don’t have the hassles of lighting charcoal or refilling a propane tank.”

Convenience outlets can be surface mounted or flush mounted in the outdoor living space. Double outlets are available so homeowners can plug in two devices at the same time. Manufacturers offer models that are designed to blend into wood, concrete, brick or rock surfaces.

Standard safety features on gas plugs include built-in thermal protection to prevent gas flow if the outlet is exposed to temperatures in excess of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. A manual on/off and automatic shut-off valves with safety interlocks prevents connection or disconnection of a gas appliance when the outlet is in the “on” position.

Easy peasy

Once installed, the outlets give homeowners more flexibility in the placement of outdoor appliances. Convenience outlets can connect to appliances via a flexible hose up to 10 feet long so that appliances can be moved around the patio or yard.

Convenience outlets make it easy to unplug and move

natural gas appliances around the patio and yard.

“With the flexible gas hose, there aren’t too many places where a homeowner can’t bring the warmth of a natural gas fire or cook something up on the grill,” said Chandler.

The outlets also simplify moving and storage. When a new natural gas appliance is purchased, a homeowner can easily unplug the old appliance and plug in the new one without calling a contractor or plumber to connect or disconnect gas lines.

When winter arrives, outdoor appliances can be easily unplugged for winter storage. And, if homeowners move, there’s no need to call a contractor to disconnect the appliance from the gas supply.

You’ll need to consult a plumber or gas contractor about installation of a gas convenience outlet. If you’re building a new home, ask your contractor to add a natural gas outlet on the deck or patio area.

Now is an ideal time to schedule an installation so you’ll be ready to simultaneously enjoy your natural gas grill and patio heater when cooler temperatures arrive.